Busting the Solopreneur Myth

Why a Steady Job is Just The Ticket

James Halliday


Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

The current trend all over social media is people pushing the idea of ‘solopreneur’.

Or a side hustle.

Or to quit and do something you love.

But it’s not for everyone. I’d even go as far as to say it’s not for most people.

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with having a steady job with a regular income.

Running your own business is tough. Very tough. A lot harder than people let on.

Most people fail.

It can take years of hard work and little income to make it.

Even then, you might still fail.

I ran a business. I went back to having a job. A job that I enjoy.

Yes, I can’t just decide to have a day off. Or a week.

But when it’s your own business, you’re never off the clock. Even on vacation. you’re checking emails, messages and whatnot.

And you’re not your own boss, despite what people say. Your clients are your boss. When they say jump, what do you do? Tell them to get lost? Or jump?

You know the answer.

It’s also lonely. No one tells you that. But it’s true.

If it’s just you, who do you talk to all day? Believe me, even for a loner like me, it is difficult.

If you have a team, they’re not really your friends. They work for you. They know you will get rid of them if need be.

I know in a job you’re disposable. I know no one will think about you after you’re gone.

So what.

No one will think much about you when you die either. It doesn’t stop you living.

You do it your way, there’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, there’s a lot right with it.

So don’t feel bad.

Don’t feel like you need a side hustle. That will eat hours of your spare time. If you want a taste of what it’s like, go get a second job for a while. Work evenings and weekends.

Not so exciting now, is it?

There’s nothing wrong with any of that of course.

But there’s nothing wrong with the traditional job either.

As long as you’re happy.

You do it your way.

It’s your life.

No one else’s

Live it your way. In a way that works for you.

And enjoy it. You’re not here for very long.

Make the most of it. Spend your spare time with family, friends, doing things you love. Doing your hobbies. Walking the dog. Riding your horse.


You don’t have much time. Remember that.



James Halliday

Project manager in live television, background in engineering and logistics. Biker, vegan, dad to two tiny terrors. Love travel, food, walking and photography